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Kain Sanders, as data controller, attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data.
This policy is intended to inform you about the collection, use and sharing of your personal data.

  • - Nickname when you use the comment service present in blog posts or the contact form.
    - Email address* when this is mentioned in the comments or the contact form, allowing a custom response by email if necessary.
    (nb.) Email address that is only visible by the administrator/publisher of

  • - Do you use Analytics services from big data compagny?

    Quick answer: NO!
    We use a self hosted analytics service who collect anonymous data, in other terms, we don't have as much information as the big companies have.

    We will retain and evaluate information on your recent visits to our website and what page you are visiting, and how many time you stay on it, wich browser, browser langage, operating system for analytics purposes to understand how people use our website so that we can make it more intuitive and nothing else.

    - What information do you have about my visit on this website?

    Our analytics program uses the IP, user-agent and domainId to identify a user.
    All information is hashed together with a salt that changes daily. The final hash is called clientId.
    The daily salt is never stored anywhere. It avoids that database backups can be used to stick data together to reconstruct the browsing history of a user.

    We also removes personal data from previous records when a new record with an existing identification gets added.
    This way the user identifier and other identifiable data is only stored once in the database.
    Or with other words: We forget who you are as soon as we see you, again. It's not possible to reconstruct a browsing history, even on a daily basis.

  • Without any requests:

    On the comments section: Until you ask us to delete them.

    On the contact section: Max 12 months.

    By requesting:

    Your personal data will be irreversibly deleted immediately after you request the deletion of your personal data via the contact form.

  • Your nickname and email address is used in the comment section that are essential to the operation of the service.
    Your personal data will not be sold, shared or communicated to a third party.

  • Your personal data are stored in France, in the European Union.
    Our services may potentially contain links to external content of
    Please note that this content has its own privacy policy and we cannot be held responsible for the information collected and its use.

  • In accordance with the french law, you have the right to direct access, rectification and opposition of data concerning you.
    You can exercise this right on simple request by e-mail on the following page: Contact

  • The site contains hypertext links to other sites and disclaims any responsibility for these external links or links created by other sites to

    Cookies are small files stored on your computer, whose use is now commonplace and widespread, and whose objective is to provide a better browsing experience for Internet users.
    When you surf the web, including our website, you have the option to block cookies through your browser.
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    Do you have to accept cookies?

    You have absolutely no obligation at this level. Whether on this site or elsewhere.

    Reminder: You can block cookies at any time, which is nevertheless not recommended for a better experience of the site.

    For example in Firefox: Tools menu> Options> Privacy tab> History section> Retention rules: Never keep the history.
    In the same section of your Firefox menu, you can click "Delete specific cookies" to view the list of cookies placed on your computer and select the ones you want to keep or delete.
    All information collected indirectly will be used only to track the volume, type and configuration of traffic using this site, to develop the design and layout and for other administrative and planning purposes and more generally to improve service we offer you.

    All browsers (eg Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) nowadays allow you to manage cookies as you wish, and delete cookies, by group, or one by one if you desire.
    You can easily find how to view and delete cookies in your browser's help.

    What cookies are used on this site ?

    This site uses functional cookies to store cookies preferences. (You saw the banner the first time you came to this site.)

  • We reserve the right to modify at any time and without notice this privacy policy due to the appearance of new services or the appearance of new legal obligations.
    If necessary, we will inform you. In addition, we advise you to regularly consult this page to be aware of the potential additions and changes to our privacy policy.

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For any question about your personal data, you can contact us via the contact form.

Version updated on Dec 15, 2021